Club Committee

Meet the committee


James Hardiman

Since 2021

It was work colleagues that first got me interested in the world of triathlons over 10 years ago. You would figure that this would not be the ideal choice of sport for me as I had no great interest in cycling and had huge fears of going anywhere near the deep end of a pool, never mind the open water. My main sporting background was in trekking, running and also coaching.

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My first triathlon was the pool sprint (tri a tri) organised by the club and from there I ventured to similar ‘short swim’ sprint races in Mullaghmore and Athlone. I signed up for different classes, strangely enough avoiding the swim ones at all costs. Through the classes I found the coaches to be friendly and supportive and made many friends. Going to events, I found this sense of ‘community’, as regardless of what distance you were competing in, everybody was the same…..representing the club.

I have since moved on to participate in longer distance races. I can put that down to challenging myself but knowing there is support there from the club. There is much to be gained by the active participation in the club, whether the training sessions, social cycles, club events or the opportunity to put on the red and black when you go to events, whether home or abroad.

Assistant Secretary

Rod Toner

Since 2021

I joined Sligo Triathlon Club in September 2012 with the singular purpose of learning to swim. By the following summer, I’d completed a try-a-tri and a Sprint triathlon eventually progressing to Olympic and Half Ironman distances.

Irrespective as to if your goal is to complete your first triathlon or compete in Kona, everyone in Sligo Tri Club are equal.


Gerry Maher

Since 2021

I first joined Sligo Triathlon club in 2020 with the primary goal to improve my swimming technique. After many a late Wednesday night at the coached sessions I can say Im improving slowly but surely! My plan was to partake in my first Sprint Triathlon in 2020 but that has been postponed due to the pandemic for now. Roll on 2021 when I will hopefully get to do my first sprint tri.


Annabel Gilmartin

Since 2021

I discovered Triathlon via the club’s Womens Try-a-tri in 2018, and have been hooked ever since. In Sligo tri club I have found a fantastic supportive community of friends and training buddies. I came from a cycling and running background and have worked hard on my swimming with club sessions in the pool and open water swimming, going from struggling through the Try a tri to completing the Hardman long distance triathlon in 2020. 

Club PRO

Neil O’Rourke

Since 2021

I was born and raised in London and moved to Sligo in 2017.

After getting complaints from my knees after a few half marathons I decided to try a Tri to distribute the burden (and pain!) across my body.

London was great for training but nothing compared to Sligo. Imagine a city boy swapping the roads, parks and indoor pools of London for the mountains, lakes and beaches of Sligo for training, and you can understand why I have made Sligo my home!


Child Liaison officer

Vanessa Scanlon

Since 2022

2019 saw Vanessa take a notion to start running through Couch to 5k and soon after swimming again with the Swim For A Mile Initiative. Vanessa had decided if she could do these two she would attempt the women’s Try A Tri initiative later that year with Sligo Tri Club and has been a member since. Vanessa had lived a pretty sedentary life before 2019 with the only activity being walking dogs. Swimming came back quick enough to Vanessa having been a member with the swimming club as a teenager. Running will never be a strong point and don’t talk to Vanessa about the bike! 

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Sligo Triathlon Club has been a positive addition to Vanessa’s life for many reasons including the social aspect, developing a strong love for swimming again and also for incorporating her passions into it. For example social inclusion. Vanessa was the driving force behind the Tri With Pride Try A Tri initiative in 2022. Vanessa is also a member of the Sligo branch of Sanctuary Runners. 

Vanessa is also enjoying the social media aspect of Sligo Tri Club and is the person behind the club’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.  

Training Co-Ordinator

Liz Sheridan

Since 2022

Social Officer

Elizabeth Flynn

Since 2021

Having absolutely no interest in ever participating in a triathlon I joined the Sligo triathlon club in October 2019 after completing (well, I was disqualified!) the try a tri event. Running was my primary motivation for joining the club, I didn’t own a bike and I had just learned how to swim freestyle the year previously.

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A Sligo rumour about a lamprey eel attaching itself to a triathlete during the Hazelwood triathlon  had cemented a fear of lake swimming in me, and I was happy to stick with the running. One global pandemic and many lockdowns later I signed up for the “return to tri” event, which, much to my alarm involved lake swimming. The event itself stands out as a highlight for me for the year 2021, the training with friends and the event itself was such an enjoyable experience. I went on to complete the Hazelwood triathlon two months later and I have not been attacked by an eel yet!

I have found the club members and coaches incredibly willing to provide support, invaluable advice (and some slagging ) when it comes to all elements of racing and training.

As Social Officer I am hoping to promote and incite interest in more social events within the club,  make the most of the events calendar, and to make up for the social opportunities we have all missed in the last two years.

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