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Women's Try-a-Tri

Starts 25th August 2024


Men's Try-a-Tri 2024

Event complete… call back next year!

Try-a-tri details

  • Training, 6-8 week programme: one session of swim (50 mins) and one session of bike/run (90 mins) per week.
  • Triathlon Event: 250m pool swim / 10km bike / 4km run.
  • Venue:  All above taking place at Sligo Regional Sports Complex.
  • Welcome and induction evening will be planned before first training,  All signed up participants will be contacted.

Participant Criteria

  • Open to everyone with limited or no previous experience in triathlon. Some may have taken part as a member of a relay team or have experience in multi-sport events such as adventure racing but the idea is to target those that are completely new to triathlon or sport in general.
  • Fitness levels and age profile will vary massively.  Those with underlying health conditions should be screened by a medical professional before commencing training.
  • Participants must have access to a safe, road-worthy bicycle (any make or model) and basic cycling/running and swim apparel.


  • Over 12 hours of quality coaching and an event at a very reasonable cost.
  • Learn to swim, bike and run in a controlled, safe, fun and non-competitive environment.
  • Receive excellent tips on triathlon, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery from highly experienced coaches.
  • Training for three sports is challenging but has huge health benefits as the body has to adapt and variety really is the key to longevity within sport.
  • Obvious stepping stone for anyone considering triathlon as a progression in sport but unsure of how to go about it.
  • Opportunity to meet and train with like minded individuals; form new, healthy friendships.

Find out more

Please contact, message Sligo Triathlon Club on Facebook, or drop us a line using the form below.

Try-a-tri registration steps

You must take out a Triathlon Ireland insurance licence (fee: €30) AND register with Sligo Triathlon club (fee: €40).

This is done simultaneously by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to the Triathlon Ireland registration page.
  2. Select Become a member under Club training Membership.
  3. Create online account using your personal (not work) email address:
  4. Once set up with an account, log in to the members page and fill in the registration details.
  5. Go to: MembershipMy Membership in menu on left hand side.
  6. Select: Club Training €30 from membership options list.
  7. Select Sligo Tri Club and Try-a-tri membership €40.

  8. Confirm conditions and complete payment.

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